"How to" Tutorials

Context-Sensitive Help

Not every feature of DataView is covered in this tutorial. If you arrive at a menu command or dialog box and find that there are options not mentioned in the tutorial, press F1 to call up the context-sensitive help.

Tooltips: Within the tutorial text there are occasional tooltips indicated thus This is a tooltip.. If you hover over one of these (or tap it on a touch screen), useful information should show.

Parameter files: Links to sample data files are displayed thus, and you can download or run Be aware that if you run a file directly from the browser, each file will start a new instance of Dataview. Also note that with some browsers a local copy of the file may be downloaded to your default Download folder. To prevent disk clutter, you may want to delete these files after you finish your simulation session. these (depending on your browser configuration) by clicking on the link.

Contents by Menu

Below is a functional mock-up of the Dataview menu. Items with a relevant tutorial have links marked thus. [Note that if a menu list is so long that the bottom items are off-screen in your browser, you can temporarily zoom out to shrink the text size and make the full menu list visible.]


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