Training for PGR supervisors

All supervisors of PGR students are required to attend either training for new PGR supervisors or refresher training at least once every five years (or more frequently if required to do so by funding bodies).

The process for this training involves completing a short Moodle course and attending a live synchronous workshop (either training for new supervisors, or one of several workshops available for refresher training if you are an existing supervisor and have previously completed the new supervisor training). For an overview of the suite of training workshops available, please consult the PDF below.

PGR Supervisor Training - at a glance (PDF, 229 KB)

The Policy on Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students lays out the roles and expectations for students and staff for the supervision of postgraduate research students. You should read the policy in full before supervising for the first time.

Training and development

Policies, procedures and guidance

Integrity, ethics and governance


Careers, student services and research

Development opportunities for PGR students