Online Networking courses (by Kintish)

If you are unable to fit face-to-face workshops into your schedule, why not try our free, interactive online training materials?  This page explains how to access the online courses by Kintish on How to become a more confident and effective networker.  This lets you study whenever and wherever suits you best.


These online courses were developed by Kintish, a company that focuses on Business Networking Skills training. However, the skills of effective networking are the same no matter whether it's for business, at a research conference, or even at a party! So no matter your reasons for wanting to network more effectively, these courses should be helpful. The topics covered are:

  • The secrets of great networkers
  • How to work the room with confidence
  • How to spot opportunities when networking
  • How to follow up after an event

They are freely available to all members of the University via Moodle.  Select this self-enrolment link and then click the rectangular blue button marked "Enrol", and you will automatically be entered into the Moodle course. (If you are not logged into Moodle you will be asked to login before you see the "Enrol" button.)

Please note that there can be issues in accessing the content with some browsers.  Firefox is the recommended browser for the best user experience.