Professional staff

An OSDS Professional Staff Development Team has been created where information about course availability is shared and is updated on a regular basis as new opportunities go live. To join this team:

Join OSDS Professional Staff Development Team

Please note that many of the activities offered under 'Professional staff' are also open to ALL other University staff.

You can also browse the available professional development activities by visiting PDMS, selecting ‘show all courses’ and the filtering by audience.

If you have any queries, please contact us at

Professional staff carry out a huge range of different roles across the University.  We aim to provide training and development for you, regardless of your role.  There is an open programme of courses, plus specialised Passports, which are packages of courses and development opportunities for particular roles. Individual support is also available with coaching, psychometric and mentoring opportunities on offer.  If there is something that you need that is not on offer, please let us know.