Organisational and Staff Development Services (OSDS)

Organisational and Staff Development Services (OSDS) is the University’s central provider of professional development for all University staff, and is also responsible for a wide range of organisational development projects and initiatives.

OSDS works as a strategic partner with Human Resources to deliver the University People Strategy, to create greater efficiency and stronger synergies across each element of the employee journey, and to create the conditions where individuals and the organisation can achieve higher levels of performance.

OSDS aims

OSDS aims to positively contribute to the planning and delivery of organisational change, and to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of University staff. We work with colleagues in Service Units and Schools in a collegiate, collaborative way, providing skilled interventions to support them and to help the University meet its strategic and operational objectives.


OSDS promotes, develops and supports University-wide initiatives that engage staff in new ways of working and thinking, in close collaboration with Service Units, including CEEDBTPOEHSS and others.


As a unit, we aim to foster a collaborative, flexible and creative environment where we are working to a common goal of excellence. 


We will: 

  • Play a key role in the implementation of the University People Strategy, leading on or contributing to different workstreams and initiatives.
  • Deliver a comprehensive and high quality professional development service to all staff cohorts within the University using a variety of approaches and interventions
  • Lead and support the achievement and retention of institutional awards (such as HR Excellence in Research)
  • Support change within the Institution at strategic and operational level through organisational design and change methodologies and through appropriate interventions
  • Develop and deliver strategies for organisational development around different themes such as leadership, talent management, wellbeing & engagement and performance