Music Centre

The University has a Music Centre which is open to everyone to perform, learn or simply listen. Visit the Music Centre website for further details.


There are 3 public venues as well as private collections which trace the University’s history since its founding between 1400 and 1414. Visit the Museums website for further details.

Sports Centre

The Sports Centre houses a variety of clubs and exercise and fitness classes for both staff and students. Employees can join the Sports Centre for a discounted rate. Visit the Saints Sport website for further details.

University Clubs/Societies

There are a number of clubs and societies within the University which employees may wish to join. Enquiries should be made directly.


Employees have full and free access to all collections held by the University. Employees may borrow up to 50 books at one time and your University ID card acts as your membership card. Other services the Library offers include DVD collection, IT helpdesk, private study areas, specialist advice, printing/binding services, etc. Visit the Library website for further details.

Students Association

All employees are members of the Students Association and are entitled to use the facilities and attend functions held within the Union buildings. See the Students' Association membership page for further details.


The University has 2 chapels which are open to staff. Visit the Chapels page for further details.

Conference and Visitor Services

The University is able to hire out state of the art facilities and certain venues for events and conferences, including accommodation for guests if required. Employees are eligible for some discounts and free room hire. Visit the Accommodation, Conferences and Events website for further details.

Social Events

As above, the University and Students Association can assist with the hiring of venues for various events. Visit the Spaces and Services page for further details.