Time Management and Organisation

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24. Developing time management and organisation strategies?

Application: Mindtools

Application: The Open University - Time management skills

Application: University of Sheffield - Dyslexia Study Skills

Application: Lifehack - 10 time management skills you should learn

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25. Using a mind mapping application for information management? 

Application: Mindjet Mindmanager

Platform: Free download for Windows and Mac from University Computer and IT Support

Follow the instructions on the software for students page to log in to Apps Anywhere.

Comments: free

Application: Mindjet mobile

Platform: Windows and iOS

Comments: free

Application: Simplemind

Platform: iOS

Comments: free

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26. Using time management apps? 

Application: Top time management apps - article

Platform: Android and iOS


Application: Timetable app

Platform: Android

Application: Class timetable

Platform: iOS