Academic and Examination Arrangements

Teaching and examination adjustments can be put in place if you have a disability, longstanding health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty (SpLD). There are a couple of things that you will need to do to set this up. Importantly, you should speak with one of the Disability or SpLD Advisers in Student Services to declare your condition and have your support needs assessed. Supporting documentation may also have to be provided. This can be a letter from a GP, or other suitably qualified professional practitioner, or a report from an Educational Psychologist if you have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, ADHD or dyspraxia. The Adviser whom you meet with will give you guidance on the need for information and the required format. 

Semester 1 entrants are asked to contact the Disability Team no later than 14 October. Semester 2 entrants are asked to meet with a Disability Adviser by 10 March.  Prospective students should make contact as soon as they consider applying to St Andrews, and more importantly, once they have been offered a place.

You can contact the Disability Team directly by emailing, and an adviser will get back to you. 

Once you have discussed support with a Disability or SpLD Adviser and a support plan is in place, there are other individuals who will be involved in your support:

Examination Officer

The Examination Officer ensures that any examination requirements that you have, such as extra time or individual room, are scheduled and communicated to relevant people e.g. invigilation staff.

If you are unable to attend an examination, you should follow the appropriate procedure. For more information on what to do, please visit the exams webpage.

School Disabilities Co-ordinators

On speaking with a Disability Adviser in Student Services, a support plan detailing your recommended teaching and examination arrangements is made available to relevant School Disability Coordinators and Module Coordinators. School Disability Coordinators ensure that appropriate members of staff in their School check your support plan and make necessary reasonable adjustments, where they can. They also liaise regularly with the Disability Team in Student Services for ongoing advice and support on matters such as equality legislation and the University’s obligations.