Knowledge and Practice

The Knowledge and Practice Group examines how knowledge and practice are created, shared and used across the private, public and third sectors, and explores the relationships between knowledge and practice. The group is interested in the different ways in which knowing and practicing influence, and are influenced by, the actions and routines of individuals, groups and organisations.

Researchers in the group draw on multiple disciplines to examine the inter-relationship between knowledge and practice, using a range of methods and theoretical perspectives. Research spans micro-, meso- and macro-level analyses of knowing and doing, policy, and the development of knowledge and practice. This includes studies of:

  • development of expertise, identities and new practices
  • mobilisation of research-based knowledge
  • features and impact of knowledge co-creation.

Group members undertake research on knowledge and practice in settings and organisations including:

  • healthcare
  • education
  • social care
  • accounting
  • philanthropy
  • sustainability
  • business networks
  • emergency services
  • entrepreneurship
  • the creative industries.

Knowledge and Practice researchers work both individually and as part of sub-groups. One of these group activities was the production of a book, Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations, which showcases some of the research undertaken by group members. The book includes a discussion of the group's collective understanding of the main perspectives regarding the inter-relationship between knowledge and practice, and provides an emerging conceptual map of this field of research.

Members of Knowledge and Practice are also part of:

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