Knowledge and Practice

The Knowledge and Practice (K&P) group at University of St Andrews Business School has a research focus on how organisational knowledge and practices are created, shared, and used in different organisational contexts. Its researchers draw on multiple fields and disciplines to think critically about the inter-relationship between knowledge and practice, employing a range of methods and theoretical perspectives.

K&P provides an intellectually exciting and supportive environment for the development of research ideas, projects and programmes. Group members undertake research on knowledge and practice in settings including:

  • creative industries
  • entrepreneurship
  • health services
  • international development
  • parliaments
  • emergency services
  • public policy and policy making
  • Higher Education
  • social care
  • accounting
  • philanthropic foundations
  • local government
  • sustainability
  • non-profit organisations.

The Knowledge and Practice group has an inclusive ethos, and this is reflected in the methodological approaches of researchers. Methodologies include:

  • interpretivist methods
  • discourse analysis
  • ethnography
  • autoethnography
  • video ethnography
  • relationally reflexive methods
  • academic-practitioner coproduction
  • documentary review
  • affective methodologies
  • hauntologies
  • poetic enquiry.

Members are active in key international conferences such as the Academy of Management, EGOS, British Academy of Management, OLKC, PROS, Research on Nonprofits and Voluntary Action, European Research Network on Philanthropy, and Critical Management Studies.

The research produced by K&P scholars is published in some of the top journals in the field of Business and Management studies, including Academy of Management Learning and Education; Organization Studies; Human Relations; Management Learning; Public Administration; Journal of Business Research; Organization; and Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, as well as a wide range of sector-specific journals.

Members collaborated to produce an edited collection Knowledge and Practice in Business and Organisations. The book includes a discussion of the group's collective understanding of the main perspectives regarding the inter-relationship between knowledge and practice, and provides a conceptual map of this field of research.

K&P members are also part of collaborative research relationships across the School and University, and make research and leadership contributions to:

If you are interested in the work of K&P, please contact Professor Kevin Orr or Dr Hannah Dean, or reach out to any of the group members.

Knowledge and Practice members