Dr Vicky Ward

Dr Vicky Ward


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I am a Reader in Management, Director of Impact and Co-Director of the Research Unit for Research Utilisation at the School of Management. Prior to joining the School in May 2018 I spent 10 years at the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences at the University of Leeds, working my way up from a research fellow to Associate Professor in Knowledge Mobilisation. Before branching out into knowledge mobilisation research, I had a career as a clarinet teacher and ran my own teaching practice. Find out how (and why) I made the move into knowledge mobilisation on my blog.

I have a passion for bringing people working in knowledge mobilisation together. I currently lead the UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum, an annual two-day event for knowledge mobilisation researchers and practitioners.


  • MN2002 Management and Analysis: Management Kaleidoscope
  • MN3202 Research Methods 2
  • MN4241 Knowledge Work: Practice and Context
  • MN4301 Management Project
  • MN5499 Dissertation

Research areas

My area of research is 'knowledge mobilisation' – focusing on how groups of people (including healthcare practitioners, managers and researchers) create and share knowledge with one another.

My research portfolio includes work on knowledge exchange processes within health service delivery teams, knowledge creation amongst health and wellbeing managers, collaborative relationships between academics and NHS managers, facilitating knowledge sharing within health and social care teams and the role of embedded researchers in knowledge co-creation. 

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