Dr Fergus Neville

Dr Fergus Neville

Lecturer in Organisation Studies

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I am the Director of Postgraduate Research in the Departments of Management and Finance at the University of St Andrews Business School.

I joined the School in January 2019 having previously held postdoctoral positions at the university at the Schools of Medicine (2011-2016) and Psychology (2016-2018). I completed my PhD (2007-2011), MRes (2006-2007) and BSc (2001-2005) degrees in the School of Psychology, with a year studying at Emory University as a Robert T Jones Memorial Scholar (2005-2006). From 2017-2020 I was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Dundee, and from 2018-2020 was a Guest Professor at the Universität Bayreuth.


  • MN1002 Organisations and Analysis
  • MN2901 Becoming an Effective Manager
  • MN3202 Research Methods II
  • MN5511 Leadership in Organisations
  • MN5499 Dissertation

Research areas

My research is focussed on group processes and their pro-social and anti-social consequences. I am particularly interested in social identities, including within organisational contexts. My research covers a range of phenomena which are central to understandings of organisations and their management, including leadership and influence, normative processes, social support and toxic behaviour in groups. Much of my research has been conducted within crowds as I believe they represent a uniquely rich site in which to study processes of organisation, leadership and conflict. The core motivation running through my work is to produce outward-facing research which develops both theory and practical guidance for policy and impact.

PhD supervision

  • Archwin Intharasombat
  • Calum Cook

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