Prospective students

The study of management centres on understanding how organisations operate and behave, and how they create value; these organisations can be in the public sector, or be family businesses, charities, social enterprises, NGOs or small, medium or large companies.

Students of management at St Andrews benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and research, with a strong focus on student engagement, self-reflective development and group work, especially for undergraduates and taught postgraduates.

The School offers research-led teaching on a range of relevant and current topics, organisational case studies, and modules that create active engagement with businesses, charities and local communities.

Students are welcomed into an international and collaborative research environment, grounded in the School's core value of responsible enterprise.

Studying at St Andrews

Over the last 600 years, the University of St Andrews has established a reputation as one of the world’s leading research and teaching centres. Today, we offer a flexible degree structure based on your choice of subject specialism or research, creating an environment which nurtures inquisitive minds and a culture of shared learning.