HERA score ranges

The HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) scheme uses a questionnaire format (made up of 50 statements/questions) to measure the level of responsibility and demands of a role in relation to each of the 14 HERA elements. Role information is scored under the appropriate element using the HERA scoring system and these scores are then combined to give an overall point score for the role. It is this score that determines the relative value/worth of roles, and ultimately the grade a role is assigned. The score breaks for each grade within the University's grading structure are:


 GradeScore ranges
 Grade 1  Up to 174
 Grade 2  175-199
 Grade 3  200-239
 Grade 4  240-279
 Grade 5  280-339
 Grade 6  340-399
 Grade 7  400-494
 Grade 8  495-589
 Grade 9  590+