Grading Review Process

Due to business/institutional needs and requirements, roles can change in terms of demand, responsibility, accountability and complexity. The Grading Review Process enables roles to be objectively evaluated using the HERA methodology to establish whether role changes impact upon the current grading of the post. 

All professional services roles currently graded 1-8 and teaching and research roles at grade 5 may apply to have their grade reviewed via HERA grading review.  Academic and most senior teaching and research roles may apply for promotion via academic promotion.     

Job Family  Currently Graded  Process for Upgrade 
 Academic Teaching & Research  7 or 8  Academic Promotions 
 Academic Teaching  6, 7 or 8  Academic Promotions
 Academic Research  6, 7 or 8  Academic Promotions
 Academic Teaching  5   Grading Review
 Academic Research  5   Grading Review
 Managerial, Specialist &
 1 to 8  Grading Review
 Operational & Facilities*  1 to 7  Grading Review
 Technical*  1 to 8  Grading Review

* these job families have grades ranging from 1-7 (Operational & Facilities), and 1-8 (Technical).  Staff in these job families wishing to move to grades 8 or 9 respectively would still apply via the grading review process but would be moved into the Managerial, Specialist and Administrative job family if successful.  

Before submitting a Grading Review Application please ensure that you have discussed the matter with your line manager and that you have read and understood the Grading Review Policy and Procedure. Applications for grading review can be submitted to the Workforce Planning Group via the online portal at any time in the year.

Queries regarding the Grading Review Process should be directed to Susan Gibson ( or ext 1650.