Managerial, Specialist & Administrative Job Family

Roles in this family focus on the provision of managerial, specialist and administrative support to the University's staff, students and, where applicable, to the wider community.  The work undertaken may include: providing secretarial, clerical and administrative support; developing and implementing policy and processes; providing specialist / expert advice and support; leadership and project management.  All roles require an understanding and awareness of the University's systems and processes, with the majority at the higher levels requiring specialist / professional skills and managerial expertise. The following types of roles are included in this family:

  • Senior Managers / Directors;
  • Professional / Specialist Staff (e.g. Accountants, PR & Marketing, Librarians, IT / Estates Project Managers / Specialists, HR / Admissions / Development Officers, Student / Careers Advisors etc.);
  • Clerical / Secretarial / Administrative staff.

Managerial, Specialist and Administrative Generic Role Descriptors: