Faculties and Deans

The University of St Andrews has four faculties; the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Divinity, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science. The University's Schools and departments all belong to one of the four faculties. Each Faculty is led by a Dean, and supported by a number of Pro Deans. Prospective students looking for more information about the University's faculties can find out more on the Study at St Andrews website

The Faculty of Arts oversees all University Schools and departments covering the arts and humanities.

The Faculty of Divinity is home to the School of Divinity and related departments.

The Faculty of Medicine oversees the University's School of Medicine as well as related research groups and departments.

The Faculty of Science is home to all of the University Schools and departments relating to science subjects.

The Deans provide guidance and governance to all University Schools and departments within a specific faculty.

The Deans of Arts, Divinity and Science are supported by a team of Pro Deans who have responsibility for a range of learning and teaching matters.

The Associate Deans support the Pro Deans in a variety of matters and act with full authority on behalf of the Deans.