Dean of Science

Dean of Science - Professor Al Dearle‌The Dean of Science is responsible for all schools within the Faculty of Science, and represents all permanent members of academic staff within this Faculty.

Professor Alan Dearle

The current Dean of Science is Professor Alan Dearle. 

Professor Alan Dearle is an experimental Computer Scientist whose primary research interests are in the confluence of programming languages, databases, middleware, distributed systems and operating systems. He is a double graduate of the University of St Andrews, completing a Bachelors degree in 1983 and a PhD on Persistent Programming Environments in 1988 under the supervision of Professor Ron Morrison.

After graduating he became a lecturer in Computational Science at the University of St Andrews. In 1990 he moved to senior lecturer position at the University of Adelaide, becoming a reader in Computer Science in 1992. While at Adelaide he continued to work with the St Andrews group on persistent systems in addition to working on persistent distributed shared memory address systems. The lessons learned from this work led him to create the Grasshopper Persistent Operating System with Professor John Rosenberg of Sydney University in 1992. In 1994 he moved to the University of Stirling to take up a chair in Computing Science and worked on log structured storage and an exo-kernel operating system. In 1999 Professor Dearle returned to St Andrews to take up a chair in Computer Science.‌