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Assistant Vice-Principal Dean of Science

Assistant Vice-Principal Dean of Science

The Assistant Vice-Principal (AVP) Dean of Science is a member of the Principal’s Senior Management Team. Reporting directly to the Master of United College, the AVP Dean of Science works closely with the Master, Heads of School, other AVPs, members of the Senior Management Team, senior academics and relevant professional Unit Directors.

The AVP Dean of Science advises the Heads of Schools on aspects of University regulations and academic procedure as relevant to their remit, and offers informal counsel. They also support Schools’ implementation of their strategies, monitoring and approving developments such as staffing and budgetary changes and the creation and implementation of new policies and procedures.

The AVP Dean of Science supports the development, establishment and leadership of interdisciplinary and cross-Faculty academic initiatives in research, teaching and innovation.

Professor Ineke De Moortel FRAS FRSE

Ineke De Moortel is a Professor of applied mathematics (Solar Physics) in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Ineke’s research focuses on the dynamical processes occurring in the Sun’s atmosphere, in particular coronal heating and coronal seismology. Her work investigates the behaviour and interaction of MHD waves and oscillations in 3D geometries, using observations, numerical simulations and analytical modelling. Ineke is particularly interested in developing self-consistent models of coronal heating and forward modelling (creating synthetic observations) to allow robust comparisons between theoretical and numerical results and high-resolution solar observations.

Ineke completed a master's degree in mathematics in 1997 at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and completed a Ph.D. in Solar Physics in 2001 at the University of St Andrews where she remained as a postdoctoral research fellow. Ineke became Professor in Applied Mathematics in 2013.

Ineke was elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2015, and previously co-chaired its affiliate society, the RSE Young Academy of Scotland from 2012-2014. Ineke was President of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society from 2017-2019.