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University Senate

The University Senate, or Senatus Academicus, is the supreme academic body under the presidency of the Principal. It consists of all professors, various members of the senior management team, the Deans, heads of Schools, a number of elected non-professorial members of staff and representative student members. The majority of the Senate's non-ceremonial business is delegated to a smaller body, the Academic Council.

Responsibilities of the University Senate

The Senate is responsible for all academic matters within the University, in particular for regulating the teaching of the University and supervising student discipline. That responsibility relies on the availability of material and financial resources for which the University Court has overriding power. The Senate also approves all degrees to be conferred by the University, and graduation ceremonies are officially an adjourned meeting of Senate. Given the size of its membership, the Senatus Academicus devolves most of its business to a more streamlined Academic Council.