The University is governed by a number of key officials and three main bodies: University Court, the Academic Senate, and the General Council. Find out more about these groups and the other units and departments in the University below.

University of St Andrews strategic plans 2015 to 2025 (PDF, 124 KB)

The University is managed by a team of officials with the Principal at the head.

The Principal's Office is made up of the senior management of the University.

The University has four faculties, each managed by a Dean and supported by Pro Deans.

The University Court is the governing body of the University.

The University Senate, or Senatus Academicus, is the supreme academic body of the University.

The General Council of the University of St Andrews is the body of all graduates and senior academics of the University.

Find out about the University's academic Schools and related departments.

Service units are non-academic departments that perform vital tasks across the University.

The Students' Association is the centre of activity for students in St Andrews.