General Council

The General Council of the University of St Andrews is the body of all graduates and senior academics of the University. Within the General Council is the Business Committee, made up of elected and ex-officio members, which advises on a range of issues affecting the well-being of the University.

Responsibilities of the General Council

The General Council considers a wide range of issues affecting the well-being of the University, communicating both with University Court and the community of St Andrews alumni. Members of the General Council Business Committee receive regular reports on the activities of the University. All University decisions (in the form of draft ordinances and resolutions from University Court) are communicated to the General Council through the Business Committee. If any comments are made by the General Council, University Court is obliged to respond, and the General Council’s opinion is taken into consideration by University Court before decisions are formalised. 

The General Council is responsible for electing the Chancellor of the University, who also holds the role of President of the General Council. Two assessors to University Court are also nominated by the General Council. In addition, there are at least two other lay members of University Court who are graduates. 

You can contact the General Council by email,, or by phone, +44 (0)1334 46 7194.