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Advisers of studies

Each undergraduate student in the Faculties of ArtsDivinity and Science is assigned an Adviser of studies, who is a member of academic staff in the same Faculty as the student. There is a compulsory meeting at the start of the academic year to discuss and approve module choices, and the Adviser of studies is available for consultation at other times.

You cannot enrol in any module without the approval of your Adviser of studies. As well as approving module choices, your Adviser of studies will also advise on keeping degree options open for as long as possible, and help you understand any relevant aspects of academic regulations. You can see who your Adviser of studies is in the online advising system (Advisers of studies will be assigned around August for new students and for students entering Honours).

Different support arrangements are made for students in the Faculty of Medicine, who do not need to make any module choices, due to the prescribed curriculum structure.

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