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Advising meeting

‌‌Advising January 2018

Advising meetings for students starting at the University in Semester 2 will take place on Friday 26 January 2018.

Students returning from Semester 1 leave of absence must contact their Advisers of studies to arrange meetings, except Evening Degree students, who will receive an appointment time for Friday 26 January.

All undergraduate students in the Faculties of ArtsDivinity and Science must meet their Adviser of studies in person at the beginning of each academic year (or in January if not studying in St Andrews during semester 1).

Attending the advising meeting is a compulsory part of the matriculation process, which must be successfully completed in order to become a registered current student. Until your module choices are approved by your Adviser of studies at this meeting, and validated in the academic advising system, you are not officially enrolled in those modules.

Advising meetings take place during orientation. If you are in one of the following categories, we will email you an appointment time to attend a meeting in the Gateway building:

  • new inbound exchange / study abroad students: appointments 9am-1pm Friday 26 January 2018
    • Surnames A-B: 9am
    • Surnames C-F: 9.30am
    • Surnames G-H: 10am
    • Surnames J-K: 10.30am
    • Surnames L-Mc: 11.00am
    • Surnames Me-P: 11.30am
    • Surnames R-S: 12pm
    • Surnames T-Z: 12.30pm
  • students studying on Evening Degree programmes: appointments 9am-1pm Friday 26 January 2018

In order to get the most from your meeting with your Adviser of studies, it is important that you have done some initial research and thinking about your module choices prior to your meeting, and submitted provisional choices during the pre-advising process. Further details of degree programmes and modules, including compulsory modules, can be found by searching or browsing the online course catalogue. Additional information is also available on school webpages.

Before approving your module choices, your Adviser of studies will:

  • check that you have selected all the compulsory modules for your degree programme
  • check that you have selected optional modules appropriate to meet other relevant academic regulations
  • check that you are qualified to take all your selected modules, and that they are available to you
  • discuss with you the amount of flexibility that you will have to switch to other degree programmes

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