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Timetabling information

Welcome to the university's timetabling homepage. From this page you will be able to access module and classroom timetable information.

Your personal timetable will be available through MySaint and is located in the 'Events' tab. This will show the teaching activities related to modules you are enrolled on in the current semester, but will only display once you have completed advising and for some sessions, only when you have signed up(or been signed up) for a particular session(e.g. one of ten tutorials). To ensure that you always see the latest information on your personal timetable, and receive notification of short notice changes (within the next seven days), please make sure you have unticked the ‘I don’t want to receive notifications’ box via your profile when logged into Publish (we will not use these notifications for any other purpose).

A full timetable for a module can be viewed at: Timetables where you can use the view options to show information for specific days, weeks, semester or session and can select multiple modules and display the information in a range of ways. 

For information on your first meetings, please click on the following link Academic advising