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This section explains the main rules that govern students' studies. The rules below apply to all undergraduate and taught postgraduate students:

  • you must complete the advising and matriculation processes every academic year
  • there are restrictions on changing modules and changing degree programme
  • you must take an approved credit load in each semester
  • you cannot take a combination of modules for which the timetables clash significantly
  • you must achieve a specified minimum number of credits at various stages in your studies, to avoid academic probation
  • you cannot re-take a module that you have already passed, nor be re-assessed in a failed module more than once (Senate Regulations I D 22-23, page 4)
  • if you are absent from a module for more than two consecutive weeks, or ten consecutive teaching days, or fifteen non-consecutive teaching days, you will not be permitted to continue in the module and will normally have to take leave of absence (Senate Regulation I D 16, page 3)

See the sub-sections degrees and mode of study for rules and regulations that differ depending on what you are studying, and your mode of study.