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Probation warning

You will receive a probation warning letter from the relevant Associate Dean if your module results mean that you cannot gain enough credits in the current academic year to meet senate regulations on minimum progression rates.


  • The link above is for full-time study; see the links in the neighbouring sections for other modes of study.
  • There are additional circumstances under which a probation warning may be issued in the Faculty of Medicine.
  • If you are already studying under probation, and you are now in breach of the conditions imposed previously, your studies will be terminated.

You are now in breach of senate regulations. You can only continue your studies on probation, meaning that you must meet the probation conditions specified in the letter. If you are an undergraduate in the Faculty of Arts, Divinity or Science these conditions will include passing 40 credits at first sitting in each of the next two semesters, and meeting your Adviser of studies, the relevant Associate Dean or Director of Teaching, and Student Services.

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