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Changing modules

You can change your mind about the modules that you are taking, subject to approval of your Adviser of studies, up to the end of the re-advising period.

The readivising period ends on:

  • Semester 1- midday on Monday of week 2
  • Semester 2- midday on Wednesday of week 2

To request a change, get in touch with your Adviser of studies either in person or via email. If they approve the change, they will update your module choices in the advising system. It's possible that you won't be able to change into a module that is very popular, even if you meet the requirements to take it.

After the end of the re-advising period, you cannot change your module choices for the current semester unless there are genuine extenuating circumstances. Simply changing your mind, perhaps because the module is more difficult or less interesting than you expected, would not be considered extenuating circumstances. If you believe that you do have a significant case for being allowed to make a late module change (either adding or dropping a module), you should discuss this first with your Adviser of studies. They do not, however, have authority to approve late changes, and you will need to submit a request to the appropriate Associate Dean.

If you are allowed to enrol in a new module after the start of semester, it is entirely your responsibility to catch up on any material that you have missed, and to find out from the school what arrangements are necessary for tutorials, coursework etc.

If you decide at any time during semester 1 that you want to change your module choices in semester 2, you can discuss this with your Adviser of studies at the beginning of semester 2. Your Adviser won’t be able to make any changes until the Advising system reopens in January.

The official rules are given in the policy on  Change to Studies