University mentoring schemes

The University run a range of mentoring schemes for different staff groups. Although broadly similar each scheme is tailored to meet the particular needs of the participants.  A summary of the schemes is provided below, but please visit the respective scheme webpages for more details and access to the relevant online application form.

The Elizabeth Garrett Mentoring Programme

The Elizabeth Garrett Mentoring Programme has been created for women in senior levels in academia at the University of St Andrews. 

The programme is sponsored by the Principal, Professor Sally Mapstone.


It aims to support women in, or aspiring to, academic leadership roles, and to develop leadership capability.


The establishment of this scheme acknowledges the need to increase representation of women at senior levels of academia, including at St Andrews, and seeks to address this inequality. It aims to help women achieve their true potential in whatever capacity. It recognises that there should be no obstacles for women of ability.


For further information, please visit the Elizabeth Garrett Mentoring Programme pages.

Teaching, Research & Academic Mentoring Scheme

The Teaching, Research & Academic Mentoring Scheme pairs experienced Teaching and Research Academics (mentors) with colleagues at an earlier career stage (mentees), to provide guidance and structured support.


For the academic year 2023/24, the scheme is under review for development and enhancement to support, and make sustainable, the rapid growth of the scheme in recent years. Therefore the scheme will not be open to new applicants until further notice.


This highly successful cross-institutional mentoring scheme developed through collaboration between the University of St Andrews (OSDS) and the University of Dundee (OPD) has been running for over 10 years. We are proud to now partner with Abertay University, Glasgow School of Art, the James Hutton Institute, Trinity College Dublin (School of Medicine) and Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.


For further information, please visit:: Teaching, Research & Academic Mentoring Scheme

Professional Staff Mentoring Scheme

For all University professional/support staff from schools & units.


The aim of this scheme is to support staff and help them to achieve (and develop) specific objectives that they set for themselves.  In the majority of matches it is envisaged that mentors & mentees will be from different schools / units.  This helps to promote cross-school / unit working, and has proved to be successful.


For more information, please visit: Professional Staff Mentoring Scheme.

Academic Probationers Mentoring Scheme

Unlike the schemes above this scheme is managed locally within Academic Schools and is not directly coordinated by OSDS.

The aim of this scheme is to provide support for newly appointed academics. Schools are also encouraged to include Teaching Fellows in this scheme.   


Please note: the mentoring information below should be read in conjunction with the Academic Review for New Starts (All Academic Staff)


For information, please visit: Academic Probationers Mentoring Scheme.