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Academic Review and Development

Annual review is deemed to be a vital part of staff development and provides a platform to discuss issues such a workload balance, career aspirations, research leave, promotion and development requirements.  The Academic Review and Development Scheme should be used for the following groups of staff:

Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Readers, Professors, Research Staff (independent and postdoctoral) and Teaching Fellows (temporary and standard). 

Annually, Human Resources will remind Heads of School of the process, asking them to confirm their preferred timetable for completion (January – June/June – December).

New Starts
The Academic Review and Development scheme will apply to all staff.  Heads of School should meet with new starts within one month of their start date.  Objectives set should look forward overall to the first 4 years of employment with emphasis on the first year.  Objectives should take account of stage of career at appointment and reasonable expectations for the relevant academic discipline, including workload management.  They should be specific to the individual.  After this initial meeting, subsequent meetings should form part of the normal annual review cycle.

The relevant guidance note for conducting reviews with new starts is here - Academic Review and Development Guidance Notes for New Starts (PDF, 416 KB)

Academic Review and Development Form (Word, 24 KB)