Data Warehouse

What is the Data Warehouse?

The University’s Data Warehouse is designed primarily for querying central administrative data. It contains data taken from multiple source systems such as SITS, ResourceLink, Planon, Kinetics so that means it contains data about students, staff, accommodation, finance, our estate, etc. Many students, staff and applications rely on the Data Warehouse and it is a vital part of our information landscape.

The Data Warehouse is administered by IT Services but the quality of its data is the responsibility of data owners and stewards. Data owners and data stewards can request Data Warehouse changes by completing the online form. Change requests might include, but are not limited to, the addition or deletion of source data or the modification of business logic in the Data Warehouse.

The Data Warehouse is available to anyone in the University who is required to use it. Permission is granted on a need-to-know basis. You can find out more about how to access the Data Warehouse here.


These are some of the services currently available:

  • Messaging - Sending messages to a specific audience
  • Student records - Academic records for individual students, lists of students
  • TRAC - Transparent Approach to Costing


If you are having problems accessing the Data Warehouse, you can find advice here. If you find a bug in one of the Data Warehouse services, please report it to the IT Service Desk.

Use of the Data Warehouse

Access to personal data in the Data Warehouse is authorised only on a 'need-to-know' basis. The data may only be used for the legitimate purposes of the University and in accordance with the reasonable expectations of students and staff, as set via privacy notices.