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Welcome to the Estates General Office webpage.
This page provides information on the services undertaken by this section. All staff are happy to provide assistance in response to enquiries made.

Contact Information

Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm

Telephone: 01334 463999
Fax: 01334 463978



The responsibilities attached to this division may be summarised as follows:


  • Receiving Work Requisition Orders from University personnel.
  • Logging of Works Orders and deployment of resources to deal with reported repair and maintenance issues.
  • Liaison with in-house operatives via radios to ensure prompt response to reported repair and maintenance issues.
  • Tracking of Works Orders to ensure completion of works in accordance with client requirements.
  • Processing of financial aspects of reported repair and maintenance issues.

General administration

  • Checking validity of invoices and management of cross-charging arrangements in conjunction with the University Finance Office.
  • Endorsement of project-related Interim Valuations and Final Accounts in conjunction with Estate Planning and Projects.
  • Issue of car parking permits and management of car parking arrangements in conjunction with Estate Planning and Projects.
  • Preparation of Financial Reports for the director and senior managers.
  • Scheduling appointments on behalf of Estates personnel.

Stores and purchasing

  • Monitoring of building materials stock and replenishing same in accordance with needs based on historical records and forward repairs/maintenance plans.
  • Liaison with suppliers to establish discount levels and supply arrangements in accordance with University requirements.
  • Negotiation with suppliers to obtain best value for money and placement of orders.
  • Management of cross-charging arrangements for specific project work which involves materials from Estates stores.

Estates contacts list

University of St Andrews telephone number: +44 (0)1334 476161

Estates Office telephone number: +44 (0)1334 463999

Senior Management Team

Mr Mark Simpson Director 01334 463999
Ms Helen Mackie Assistant Director (Facilities Management) 01334 463999
    01334 463999  
Mr Simon Watkins Director of Operations 01334 463999

Professional and Technical Services

Mr Tom Smith Head of Technical Services 01334 463968
Mr Keith Thomason Energy Manager 01334 463482
Mr Andy Walsh Head of Development (Commercial&Tech) 01334 463913
Miss Caitlin Bain Space Planning Assistant 01334 463971
Mrs Gill Marks Cad Technician 01334 463987
Mrs Rhona Frood Head of Development(Design & Quality) 01334 463963
Mrs Jill Williamson Strategic Asset Manager 01334 463979
Mr Robert Watson Services Engineer 01334 463926
Mr David Stutchfield Sustainability Manager 01334 463976
Mr Al Clark Environment Officer 01334 463986
Miss Connie Dawson Sustainability Intern 01334 467406
Mrs Amanda Cook BEMS Engineer 01334 463965
Mrs Fran Gordon Utilities Analyst 01334 463138
Mr Alistair Macleod Transition Manager 01334 464000
Mr Michael Orr Health & Safety Manager 01334 463966
Mr Kevin Manning Compliance Manager 01334 463961
Mr Mark O'Sullivan Building Surveyor/Project Manager 01334 463990
Mr Andy Kier Recycling senior team member 01334 463983
Mr Donald Steven Grounds Foreman 01334 463983
Mr John Reid Grounds Foreman 01334 463983

Mr Colin Mackay Electricians' Team Leader 01334 463304
Mr Steven Assiph Heating Engineer/Plumbing Team Leader 01334 463975
Mr Stuart Wishart Joiner Team Leader 01334 463973 scw8<>
Mr Nicky Lawson Painter Team Leader 01334 463974
Mr Kevin Litster Slaters' Team Leader 01334 463974

General Office

Fax: 01334 463978
Tel: 01334 463999

Mrs Shona McGarrity Business Manager 01334 463958
Miss Katie Rice Clerical Assistant 01334 463957
Miss Fiona Kelly Clerical Assistant 01334 463950
Mrs Karen Simpson P/T Clerical Assistant (Help Desk) 01334 463969
Mrs Kate Aitken P/T Clerical Assistant (Help Desk) 01334 463969
Mrs Tracy Allan Clerical Assistant 01334 463960
Miss Nicola McCue Clerical Assistant 01334 463970
Mrs Mary Nicoll Clerical Assistant 01334 463959
Ms Samia Gallo Clerical Assistant 01334 463989
Mr Trevor Francis Logistics Team Leader 01334 463982
Mr David Allan Storeman 01334 463972

Support Services

Andy Edmonston Security Manager

01334 463967
mobile: 07990 784356

Mrs Gillian Jordan Cleaning Manager 01334 463980
Vacancy Bedellus, 93 North Street 01334 463984  
Mr Harry McCabe Senior Janitor, Porter's Lodge 01334 463985 /
Mr Andrew Cunningham Senior Janitor, St Mary's College 01334 462853
Mr Garry Muir Senior Janitor, North Haugh 01334 463136
Mr David Hamilton Senior Janitor, Mailroom 01334 463981
Out of Hours Janitors Woodburn Place 01334 476161
Mrs Karen Dryburgh Parking Warden 01334 467171
Mr Jim Finnie Parking Warden 01334 467171
Mr Brian Reid Cleaning Supervisor, Union Area 01334 462333
Mrs Jana Anderson Cleaning Supervisor, St Mary's Place 01334 462333
Mrs Jacqueline Cameron Cleaning Supervisor, North Haugh 01334 462333
Vacancy Cleaning Supervisor, United College Area


Estates Department
Woodburn Place
St Andrews
KY16 8LA
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: 01334 463999
Fax: 01334 463978




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