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Security incident and crime reporting

The University must ensure that it has arrangements for reporting incidents such as attacks on staff, students or the public on University premises, arson, explosion and fire, death, theft, terrorist activity, unauthorised intrusion in buildings and rooms, criminal activity by staff or students, vandalism, break-ins and disturbances.

All members of staff have responsibility for the safety and security of colleagues, visitors, students and buildings. It is therefore essential that all relevant incidents are reported immediately since such reporting allows the University to respond appropriately to individual events, identify recurring problems, establish accurate statistics and enhance its policy on security and related matters.

Once an incident has occurred, your first duty is to alert, as appropriate, the emergency service. You should then report the incident to the University authorities by following one or other of the two methods of reporting as detailed.

1. Reporting by telephone

Contact the Security and Response Team on 01334 468999.

2. Reporting by email (non-emergency only)

Send an email addressed to

Your report will enable the University to respond appropriately to the incident, develop a central record of statistics, allow it to identify areas which have recurring problems, and assist with the development of University policy on security and related matters.

Should you have concerns or questions relating to incident reporting, please contact the duty Security and Response Team leader on 01334 468999. Or alternatively contact the security manager:

Other reporting options

If you or someone you know has experienced bullying, discrimination, abuse, assault or harassment of any sort, you can report such incidents anonymously using the University’s Report and Support tool. You can also choose to report using your contact details so a member of staff can get in touch with you to help provide support. This tool can be used by students, members of staff, members of the public or visitors to the University.