Staff wellbeing

Welcome to the University of St Andrews’ employee wellbeing webpages. The University’s fundamental goal is to provide an environment in which we can produce our best work for maximum societal benefit. The People Strategy builds on this commitment:

We want to embed a supportive culture, where health and wellbeing are actively promoted and supported, and people are enabled to balance work with other responsibilities and passions.

Please email if you have any comments, suggestions or questions about wellbeing or these resources. This email is not an emergency service. If you are in crisis, please use the links in the In Crisis box in the top right hand corner.

Physical wellbeing

To keep your body healthy and fit, the NHS recommends being physically active, reducing smoking, and moderating alcohol consumption. 

Daily physical exercise is very important. Any type of movement is encouraged, moderate activities such as walking or dancing, to vigorous activities such as team sports or running. 

On this page you can find resources and activities that might help you explore your physical wellbeing.

Please follow this link to the physical wellbeing page.

Mental wellbeing

The university’s mental health and wellbeing strategy aims to raise awareness and reduce stigma about mental health issues, encourage supportive workplaces and participation in wellbeing activities, and enhance support available to both students and staff. 

On this page you will find internal and external support sources as well as resources to help you understand your mental wellbeing.

Please follow this link to the mental wellbeing page.

Nutritional wellbeing

Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is important in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. This page will introduce you to different resources for eating well. Explore our recommended seasonal recipes and healthy eating blogs, and learn about healthy eating guidelines and how to eat well at work.

Please follow this link to the nutritional wellbeing page.

Relational wellbeing

If you are involved in a disagreement or conflict with a colleague, support is available from the Mediation Service. This can take the form of a confidential conversation and/or a mediation between colleagues to listen to each other’s perspective and come up with practical, mutually agreed solutions. The Mediation Service is voluntary, independent, impartial, and confidential.


Workplace wellbeing

The University is dedicated to supporting and improving the wellbeing of its staff and workplace. On this page you will find options for workplace-related wellbeing support within the university, a helpline for education staff, and resources on common workplace wellbeing topics.

Please follow this link to the workplace wellbeing page.

Reporting wellbeing concerns or complaints

The University of St Andrews is committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, diversity, equality and safety for students and staff. All employees can use Report and Support to report complaints or concerns to the University and access support information.