Physical wellbeing

To keep your body healthy and fit, the NHS recommends being physically active, reducing smoking, and moderating alcohol consumption. 

Daily physical exercise is very important. Any type of movement is encouraged, moderate activities such as walking or dancing, to vigorous activities such as team sports or running. 

On this page you can find resources and activities that might help you explore your physical wellbeing: 


University Gym

The University’s Sports Centre is a gym with multi-sport courts and pitches, an indoor tennis centre and a climbing wall. The Centre also offer private lessons and the Saints Fitness class programme.

To use the Centre’s facilities, you will need a membership. You can access membership options and more information on the Sports Centre webpage.

Walter Bower House Gym

Staff working at the Eden campus can access the Walter Bower House (WBH) gym. It is a smaller gym space dedicated for people working at WBH. There is a limited selection of equipment available to use, but the gym has a selection of both cardiovascular and strength equipment. Furthermore, the WBH gym membership rate is reduced from standard gym membership rate. 

Learn more about the WBH gym .

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust operates and manages sports and leisure facilities on behalf of the Fife Council. You can purchase memberships to get access to gyms, pools, fitness and health programmes, and more.



Yoga, Pilates, and More

Exercises such as yoga and pilates develop strength, balance, flexibility, posture, and good breathing techniques. They can be completed at home, with the help of a mat or towel, or you can practice yoga on carpeted floors.

You can find videos on pilates, yoga, yogalates, and HIIT tutorials on Saint Sport’s official Youtube page.

Learn more about exercise through the NHS’ guide.

Access tutorials and online classes with NHS’ workout videos Youtube playlist.

Low-impact exercises

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a form of martial art that emphasises deep breathing and relaxation techniques. AS a low-impact exercise, tai chi will not put much pressure on bones, joints, and muscles, though it can improve mobility and build muscle strength.

Learn more about tai chi through NHS’ guide.

Jogging groups


Jogscotland is a running network established by Scottishathletics aiming to help people of all ages and fitness levels to jog in a group.

The Fife groups cover a wide area including Anstruther, Ceres, Cupar and there are several groups that meet in St Andrews. The following are the times available for the groups in in St Andrews. If you would like to join (including the other Fife groups) please visit the Jogscotland website for contact and further details.

Start your own group

You can also start a local jogging group with some of your colleagues. There is a University walking and cycling map to help you.


Rent a bike through BikePool. BikePool refurbishes old bikes and rents them to students and locals for an affordable price. They also run Fix It sessions to keep your bike in shape.  

Join the E-bike scheme. Staff can borrow an e-bike for free for up to 24 hours. 

Light up your bike. Transition sells lights during the darker months to help you stay safe.

Join our monthly Bike to Work Breakfasts. The breakfasts are free, open for locals, staff, and postgraduate students, and are a good way to meet new people.

For more cycling information, contact

Cycle to work staff scheme

The University supports staff to travel to work in a more healthy and active way. Check out the sustainable travel webpage to learn more about this scheme.

For more information on exercise and physical wellbeing, please visit the NHS website.