The Estates Projects section offers a complementary service to that offered by the Maintenance section. In general, the section has the capacity to undertake 'in-house' projects of a value of up to £500,000 (excluding VAT and fees). For projects over that amount, or for projects where a particular expertise is not available 'in-house' or where the work load demands, an external consultant Architect will be often be appointed.

Where required, other professional consultants are procured via the Projects section. While the nature and scope of the project will dictate what other consultants may be required, this could include a Quantity Surveyor (or other Surveyor), Services (Mechanical and Electrical) Consultant, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Planning Supervisor and Inspection Services.

Roles and areas of responsibility

The Projects section is able to offer assistance within the following roles:

  • To provide Architectural Services or advice on these services for new works, alterations to existing buildings or facilities and refurbishment for all property within and owned or leased by the University. 
  • To advise on the requirement for the appointment of external architectural consultants and other professional disciplines.
  • To arrange for the appointment of external consultants.
  • To provide a project management service both when undertaking the provision of architectural services 'in-house', or where a full external design team (including architects) are appointed for a project.
  • To participate in the development of the University's Estates database.
  • Review and administration of all agricultural lets, including collectionor rents and rental reviews. Returns on Rentals are also made to the Office of the Assessor.
  • Review and administration of all non-agricultural lets, including collection or rents and rental reviews. Leases to others by the University and leases from others to the University (including rental payments) are included, as are Returns on Rentals made to the Office of the Assessor.
  • Non-domestic rates and Community Tax charges for Beneficial occupancies are reviewed and administered, including Revaluation Appeals, Applications for Rating Relief, and claims for rebates on vacant properties.

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