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Problems accessing the Data Warehouse

If you are having problems accessing the Data Warehouse itself, there may be various things you can do for yourself to try to clear the problem:


  • Is the problem with your machine? Try shutting down your browser and re-starting it to see if that clears it.


  • If the problem persists try rebooting your machine.


  • If neither of the above works then it could be that the Warehouse is simply unavailable. Have you checked your e-mail to see if anything has been posted to the dware mailing list?

If this fails then there may be a problem with the Warehouse or with the campus network. In this case you should contact the IT Service Desk by e-mailing itservicedesk. They should have up-to-date information on any upgrading or other planned work on the Warehouse and also if there are any known systems problems. If they don't know of any problems they will put you in touch with someone else in the usual way. It's important to give them a clear account of what the symptoms are and what you have tried to do yourself.

If it's not possible to e-mail the IT Service Desk, you can ring them on 3333 but this should only be done in an emergency. E-mail is the preferred option.

You should get into the habit of reading your e-mail regularly as known times when the Warehouse will be unavailable are sent to the dware mailing list. When the Warehouse is back in service you will be informed via the mailing list.