Intervention Group

The Intervention team manages crisis interactions - i.e. at the point where individuals are seriously planning suicide, or have made an attempt. They do not substitute for the emergency services. In many, but not all, cases, individuals will be known to University support services who are members of the group. Consequently, arrangements for crisis intervention will be in place. However, in all circumstances the team ensures that there is a response and that internal and external resources (including NHS emergency care and mental health services, where available) are mobilised.

The team’s actions include offering support interventions for those involved because they are connected through  the residential,  social or other sphere of the person in crisis. Subject to consent permissions and safety considerations, either Student Services (in the case of students) or Occupational Health (in the case of staff) will act on behalf of the team to involve close family members.

The Intervention team meets once per semester for planning and monitoring purposes, and is also convened whenever circumstances require it (based on the judgment of the Chair). Chaired by the Director of Student Services, the group’s core representation includes: Student Services, Occupational Health, Chaplaincy, Head of Wellbeing and Mediation,  Corporate Communications, Environmental, Health and Safety Services, Security Services, a specialist NHS representative, a third sector agency representative.


To contact the Intervention Group chair,
please email the Director of Student Services.


For emergencies or urgent support, please consult the University’s crisis contact pages below:

Students – In crisis now?

Staff – Crisis contact points