Personal safety

For more information visit the guide to Raisin Weekend provided by the Students' Association. Further police advice is also available.

Student Safety Guide from Police Scotland

 Police Scotland have a guide on Student Safety available for download.

Whether you walk, run, ride or drive, the following precautions will help keep you safe:

  • When you are out late in the evening, use a known taxi firm, or the student transport if it is available.
  • A torch or personal alarm is also useful.

When using public transport, try to avoid using bus stops in quiet locations or even quiet areas of the bus station.  When on the bus, sit close to the driver, if possible, or elsewhere there are several other passengers.

If you have a car, keep it maintained and topped up with petrol at all times.  Use the main roads where possible.  The doors must be locked, and bags and valuables out of sight when you are away from the vehicle.  Never pick up hitchhikers and make sure you have change for the phone (or even a phone card or mobile phone) should problems arise.

If you park your car in daylight and will not be returning until it is dark, try to imagine what the area will look like during the hours of darkness and park in well-lit areas.

Two or more students are less vulnerable than someone on their own, particularly in an unfamiliar environment.

Avoid shortcuts and isolated areas.  Try to walk facing the traffic and, if threatened, run away.  Stay away from confrontational situations, e.g. unruly groups or drunks.  Don't hitchhike or take lifts from strangers.

If you feel threatened while out walking, get away from the threatening situation. RUN, if necessary, and do not attempt to fight back unless you really have to.  If you think you are being followed, keep moving towards the nearest public place, crossing and re-crossing the road.  As soon as you get to a public place, phone home or to friends or to the Police.

If a vehicle pulls up next to you, turn and walk in the opposite direction and, again, make for the nearest public place or use a phone.

Remember, when you telephone 999 anywhere throughout Great Britain, all calls are free even on a BT payphone. The European Union dialling code of 112 can also be used for emergency calls in the UK.


Raisin weekend

Raisin Weekend takes place on a weekend in late October/early November.  A famous tradition within the university, the event has evolved into what many students view as an opportunity to get drunk and act in a disorderly fashion.  While the university appreciates that Raisin Weekend is a celebration, students must bear in mind that St Andrews University staff work very hard to maintain good ‘Town & Gown’ relations throughout the year between students and residents.  Consequently, there are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure that this relationship continues to improve and that students remain safe and don’t risk giving the student population a bad name.

  • Raisin Weekend often centres around drinking and in St Andrews, local by-laws mean that drinking alcohol in public places is banned.  This means taking your drink outside while you have a cigarette or on a walk home could land you with a £40 fixed penalty ticket.
  • Be a responsible drinker. Know your limit and don’t give into peer pressure – you CAN say NO.
  • Academic Parents - Look after those you are supposed to be taking care of!  Not everyone can drink, and Raisin Weekend is not about making your academic children ill, it is about having fun responsibly.
  • Don’t break the law or any of the by-laws of the town for the sake of a dare/Raisin treasure hunt.  You wouldn’t do it on any other night.  Think about the consequences.
  • Don’t be the generation that spoils it for the next academic year!  If the Students’ Association or the University receive complaints, then it’s the students that will be the ones who suffer when the university’s late license is revoked and the world-famous foam fight is no longer allowed to take place on University estate.

For more information visit the guide to Raisin Weekend provided by the Students' Association. Further police advice is also available.