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Lost and found advice

Lost and found

There are several steps that you should take in the event of losing or misplacing an item of value;

  • Return to the last place that you remember having the item on your person. If this was a public space then you should enquire about your item at the reception or cloakroom. If this was within your halls of residence, contact the Warden.
  • There are also several buildings across St Andrews that you should visit. These include the Student Union, the Library and the ASC.
  • If your item has yet to be located, contact Police Scotland Fife Division. Be prepared to give as full a description as possible of the item/s in question and if possible, provide a photograph.
  • If you are on facebook there are a number of pages which you could consult, including St Andrews Lost & Found.

Students are also advised to register their belongings on the UK National Property Register and BikeRegister.


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Encountered any difficulties?

If your experience with Student Services was not as expected, or if you haven’t formed a good rapport with your Adviser/Counsellor and wish to explore this informally, please contact Ellen Mackintosh ( or Dr Penny Turnbull ( Assistant Directors of Student Services.  We want to understand what went wrong and resolve the matter quickly, and where appropriate, put you in touch with an alternative member of our team or external source of support.

Please also be aware that the University has Complaints Handling Procedure for formally addressing concerns.

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