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Halls of Residence

Many of the buildings in St Andrews are set in extensive grounds with long paths and driveways. Always approach the building with care, especially after dark. If the paths are poorly lit, consider carrying a torch. A personal alarm may also prove useful. These are available from Student Services or the General Office in the Students Association Union Building.

Also, residents should be alert at all times. Don't leave your room unlocked when you go out or even when you use the kitchen or bathroom (and ask your room mates to do the same).

When you do go out, close all the windows. Ideally, windows on the lower floors should be fitted with locking catches or opening limiters.

It is worth considering an automatic time switch to control the lights in your room, so that the lights come on when you are not in and make the room appear occupied.

Never leave cash or valuables on open view in your room, keep them out of sight. If possible, limit the amount of jewellery, electrical equipment, and personal effects that you bring with you to St Andrews.

Make a list of all your property, including serial numbers and descriptions. Radios, cameras, computers etc. can be invisibly marked, using a ultra-violet marker pen, with your matriculation number. These pens are available from stationers and D.I.Y. stores.

When you leave the building, always close and lock the main entrance doors to your Halls of Residence, if this facility exists. Try to avoid anyone going in with you unless you know him or her.

Fire exits should only be used in an emergency.

Be aware of strangers around the corridors of your buildings. Report any suspicious activity to the Warden, Sub Wardens, and Porters or to the Police.

Don't leave keys in your room or lying about in the bathroom, kitchen or any common room. Avoid putting your name or room number on a key ring in case it gets lost or stolen. Consider taking out insurance cover for your personal belongings.

Private accommodation

If you are going to live in privately owned/rented accommodation, much of the advice for Halls of Residence still applies. However, do check the security before you sign an agreement or lease. The following points should be considered:

Key-operated locks should be fitted to all ground floor windows and those near to flat roofs and drainpipes;

Doors should be fitted with 5-lever mortise locks that conform to British Standard 3621, and also have a peephole viewer;

Solid doors are preferable. Bolts at the top and the bottom of doors will prevent them from being forced;

Vulnerable windows may also be fitted with bars or grills - but be careful they don't block off any fire escapes;

Courtyards and side paths should be fitted with lockable gates and they should be well lit;

Outside lighting, automatic time switches to control inside lights, and burglar alarms all help to improve the overall security situation;

During the holidays, remove all valuable items and arrange for mail to be collected.

If you have any doubts about the security of your accommodation, contact St Andrews Police Station on Pipeland Road, or phone (Non-emergency number - 101).

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