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WORKING PAPERS (updated 26 April 2022)

"Country Portfolios, Collateral Constraints and Optimal Monetary Policy" September 2016. CEPR Discussion Paper No 11499. (with Ozge Senay) pdf file

"International Risk Sharing with Portfolio Choice and Non-Separable Preferences" July 2015. CEPR Discussion Paper No 10724. (with Hande Kucuk) pdf file

"International Monetary Policy Coordination and Financial Market Integration" CEPR Discussion Paper No 4251, January 2004, pdf file.

"A Simple Second-Order Solution Method for Dynamic General Equilibrium Models" CEPR Discussion Paper No 3554, July 2002, pdf file. (MATLAB files)

"Inflation Targeting in a Small Open Economy" CEPR Discussion Paper No 2726, pdf file.


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