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1.   Abuse
2.   Anger
3.   Anxiety & Stress
4.   Bereavement
5.   Body Image
6.   Confidence Building
7.   Dependency
8.   Depression
9.   Eating Disorders
10. Fear
11. Panic Attacks
12. Perfectionism
13. Postgraduate Studies
14. Procrastination
15. Relating
16. Self Esteem & Assertiveness
17. Self Harm
18. Sleep
19. Stress
20. Other
21. How to...

1.  Abuse

1.1.  Breaking Free: Help for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Carolyn Ainscough & Kay Toon (Sheldon Press)

1.2.  Overcoming Childhood Trauma, Helen Kennerley (Constable & Robinson)

2.  Anger

2.1.  Overcoming anger and Irritability, Will Davis (Robinson)

2.2.  Managing Anger, Gael Lindenfield (Harper Collins)

2.3.  The dance of anger, H Lerner

3.  Anxiety and Stress

3.1.  Overcoming Anxiety,Helen Kennerley (Constable & Robinson)

3.2.  Mind over Mood, Greenberger & Padesky (Guildford Press)

3.3.  Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness, Gillian Butler (Constable & Robinson)

3.4.  How to master anxiety, stress, panic, phobias, psychological trauma and more. J Griffen and I Tyrrell

4.  Bereavement

4.1.  How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies, Therese Rando (Bantam)

4.2.  A Special Scar: Bereavement by Suicide, Alison Wertheimer (Routledge)

5.  Body Image

5.1.  The Body Image Workbook, T F Cash

6.  Confidence Building

6.1.  Helping Adolescents and Adults to Build Self Esteem, Deborah Plummer (Jessica Kingsley)

6.2.  Instant confidence, P McKenna

7.  Dependency

7.1.  Freedom from addiction, J Griffen and I Tyrell

8.  Depression

8.1.  Overcoming Depression, Paul Gilbert (Constable & Robinson)

8.2.  Dealing with Depression, Dr Caroline Shreeve (Piatkus)

8.3.  I had a Black Dog, Matthew Johnstone (Robinson)

8.4.  The Way Out of Your Prison, Dorothy Rowe (Brunner Routledge)

8.5.  Climbing out of depression,S Atkinson

8.6.  How to lift depression fast, J Griffen and I Tyrell

9.  Eating Disorders

9.1.  Getting Better Bit(e) by Bit(e), U Schmidt, J treasure (Psychology Press)

9.2.  Overcoming Anorexia Nervosa, Freeman & Cooper (Constable & Robinson)

9.3.  Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating, Peter Cooper (Constable & Robinson)

9.4.  Anorexia Nervosa: a survival guide for families, friends and sufferers, J Treasure

9.5.  Overcoming binge eating, by C Fairburn

10.  Fear

10.1.  Feel the fear and Do it anyway, S Jeffers

11. Panic Attacks

11.1.  Panic Attacks, Christine Ingham (Harper Collins)

12. Perfectionism

12.1.  Never Good Enough, Monica Ramirez Basco (Simon & Schuster)

12.2.  When Perfect isn't Good Enough, Martin M Anthony & Richard P Swinson (New Harbinger Publications)

13. Postgraduate Studies

13.1.  How to get a PhD, Handbook for students and their supervisors, E. Phillips & D. Pugh (Open University)

13.2.  Your PhD Companion, S. Marshall & N. Green (HowToBooks)

14. Procrastination

14.1.  Isn't it About Time? How to Stop Putting Things Off, Andrea Perry (Worth Publishing)

14.2.  Beating the Comfort Trap, Windy Dryden & Jack Gordon (Sheldon Press)

15. Relating

15.1.  Relating Skills: A Practical Guide to Effective Personal Relationships, Richard Nelson-Jones (Cassell)

16. Self Esteem & Assertiveness

16.1.  Self Esteem, MacKay & Fanning (New Harbinger Publications)

16.2.  Self Esteem, Gael Lindenfield (Harper Collins)

16.3.  Assert Yourself, Gael Lindenfield (Harper Collins)

16.4.  Overcoming Low Self Esteem, Melanie Fennell (Constable & Robinson)

17. Self Harm

17.1.  Healing the Hurt Within, Jan Sutton (HowToBooks)

18. Sleep

18.1.  Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems, Colin Espie (Constable & Robinson)

18.2.  I can make you sleep, P McKenna

19. Stress

19.1.  The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, Davis, Eshelman, Mackay (New Harbinger Publications)

19.2.  Teach Yourself Managing Stress, Looker & Gregson (Hodder Arnold)

20. Other

20.1.  The feel good handbook, D Burns

20.2.  Change your life in seven days, P McKenna

20.3.  A Primer in Positive Psychology, C Peterson

20.4.  Authentic Happiness, M Seligman

20.5.  Mind over Mood, D Greenberger and C Padesky

20.6.  Motivation for Dummies, G Burn

+ 17 Titles from the Sheldon Press “How to…” series

  • Heal the Hurt - How to Forgive and Move on
  • How to be a Healthy Weight
  • How to be Your Own Best Friend
  • How to Beat Pain
  • How to Cope with Difficult Parents
  • How to Cope with Difficult People
  • How to Cope with People who Drive You Crazy
  • How to Get the Best from Your Doctor
  • How to Interview and Be Interviewed
  • How to Listen so that People Talk
  • How to Make Life Happen
  • How to Stand Up For Yourself
  • How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends
  • How to Stop Worrying
  • Overcoming Insomnia - How to sleep like a dream
  • Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety - How to boost your social confidence

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