Template documents

The University has developed template participant documents based on key ethical issues and legal requirements.

These outline the key information which must be relayed to participants for all research involving human participants, their data or samples. They provide a template for how this information can be presented when using a document format (see the guidance on consent for information on alternative formats). 

These templates (or the information, if presented in an alternative format) should be tailored to your study, participants and their accessibility requirements (see 'accessibility resources' below) - modifiable content is in red text, and guidance is in blue text.

In the templates there are three types of text:

  • Red text - text which you should adjust to suit your study
  • Blue text - provides guidance on using the template
  • Black text - core information which must usually be included.

If you need to adjust the black text you must provide details and justification in Q31 of the ethical review application form (Word).