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Our research breaks down borders. Coming together from around the globe, researchers at St Andrews collaborate across disciplines to make new discoveries and tackle some of the world's biggest challenges.

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Tuberculosis trials accelerated by new biomarker

Discovery of a new biomarker allows researchers to quantify tuberculosis-causing bacteria in 98% less time.

16 May 2018

The truth about the Roman army

Research has led to more accurate representations of the Roman army, soldiers and gladiators in media, museums and reenactments.

16 May 2018

Statisticians aid wildlife management

Novel methods and software for estimating wildlife abundance help wildlife managers make better decisions.

16 May 2018

Wearable light source treats cancer

Research has led to the creation of a compact light source which provides a safe and convenient way to treat skin cancer and acne.

14 May 2018

Athena SWAN Bronze Award

The University renewed it's Athena SWAN Bronze Award in 2018 for a further three years. In addition to the institutional Bronze Award, St Andrews now has four Schools with individual Silver Awards.

Best research breakthroughs

Collaborative research conducted within the Scottish Oceans Institute has been recognised as one of the UK's '100 best breakthroughs' of the last century. The collaboration identified a marine invertebrate which can regenerate major body parts, which may unlock new understandings of regenerative medicine and stem cell research.

REF 2014 success

The University of St Andrews has emerged as top in Scotland for the quality of its research publications across Science, the Arts, Divinity and Medicine, according to the results of the 2014 UK Research Assessment Exercise. St Andrews is one of the UK's most research-intensive universities with over 80% of the University's research staff having their work accessed by REF 2014.

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