Additional documents

This page details additional documents or approvals that you may need to obtain prior to research commencing.

Outwith the ethical approval process, the University has a wide range of policies and procedures that apply to its researchers; a selection of these are particularly likely to be relevant to research involving human participants, their data or samples.

This page provides information on that selection of policies and procedures, briefly indicating:

  • when the policy or procedure might apply
  • what compliance with the policy of procedure involves
  • where to go or who to contact for help.

Applicants should indicate in question 31 of their ethical review application form (Word) whether or not their research will require any additional documents or approvals. If applicants have approvals in hand when submitting their application form, they should append those to their application and indicate this in Appendix 1.

Additional documents, ethical approval and responsibilities

Ethical approval is granted on the condition that you obtain any additional documents or approvals before your research commences. However, your School ethics committee (SEC) can require you to have these in place before ethical approval is granted and they can also ask you to evidence these at a later date (i.e. after approval has been granted). 

The SEC is not responsible for issuing, reviewing or approving these items. The researcher is personally responsible for ensuring their research is conducted in line with University policies, as per the University's Principles of Good Research Conduct (Policy) (PDF)  ; meaning that any additional documents or approvals must be obtained before research starts, if the conditions for requiring these are met.