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Online Learning

You will not always be able to attend face-to-face workshops and events.  For that reason, in order to give you access to development opportunities at a time and place that suit you, we have a range of online training courses and other resources available.

Online Networking courses (by Kintish)

Kintish is a leading provider of networking courses for businesses and higher education.  Learning how to network effectively is an important skill for academic and non-academic careers.  CAPOD subscribes to Kintish's suite of four e-learning courses on How To Become a More Effective and Confident Networker.

How to apply for access

Visit the Kintish website to get an overview of the courses before completing your application. (You do NOT order from the Kintish site.) Applications are made to CAPOD via the online application form. Applications can be submitted at any time and are reviewed by CAPOD staff as they are received. There are a fixed number of subscriptions to the Kintish courses; once they are all allocated no further applications will be accepted.

We will inform you within 4 weeks if your application is approved (Kintish process batches of applications once a month). If approved, you will be contacted directly by Kintish and provided with access codes to enable you to log in to the Kintish online learning website to complete the course(s) you have chosen.


Diane Munday
Staff Developer (Research Staff)

T: (01334) 46 2241

Marie Paterson
Staff Developer (Research Staff)

T: (01334) 46 2561

The University of St Andrews is an institutional member of Vitae (the UK body which champions professional and career development for researchers in HE). This demonstrates our commitment to researcher development and provides us with access to a wide range of resources, events and support for our researcher development activities.

Learn more about the support available from Vitae.

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