Our MSc in Digital Health – run by the Graduate School for Interdisciplinary Studies - teaches the theoretical  underpinnings of digital health, and examines how digital data is integrated in clinical decision making.



Digital glyph

We will create a digital identity, culture, and capacity that enables us to seize the opportunities which digital transformation can bring to our activities and ways of thinking, extending our ambition for our future as a leading global university.

Digital approaches, platforms, and technologies are transforming our world profoundly. Digital St Andrews will accelerate a digital way of thinking and working in education, research, and how we operate, communicate, and connect. Digital St Andrews will provide valuable avenues for intellectual growth in education and research. Digital education will fundamentally broaden the access global learning audiences have to St Andrews and will provide opportunities to develop our diversity and make the University more resilient. Applying digital approaches will allow us to transform research agendas and accelerate progress on tackling global challenges. It will fundamentally broaden our reach and opportunities to engage learning and research communities with the knowledge and solutions we develop, and will enable capacity building globally.


Digital will open new opportunities for collaborations, both academic and entrepreneurial. Digital methods, expertise, platforms, and tools will catalyse interdisciplinary research. The fusing of our digital and physical environments will provide agile pathways that enhance attraction, engagement, and inclusion and offer more sustainable approaches. Digital information and expertise will underpin effective decision making and create capacity within our processes and systems while developing our people.


  • We will create and improve capacity by prioritising digital opportunities which are transformational to our experiences and practices and extend the influence and reach of what we do across digital environments.
  • We will invest in our people by providing opportunities for developing digital skills and digital innovations.
  • We will extend the reach of our education and training and increase the diversity of our learners through an innovative digital learning portfolio which reflects the distinctive, individualised nature of the St Andrews experience.
  • We will enhance our research and impact by using digital capabilities to challenge and extend our disciplinary boundaries. These capabilities will require investment into our digital estate and enable our world-class researchers to break new ground.

Research, impact, and innovation

We will:

  • Encourage our academics to lead their disciplines in setting research questions and agendas that integrate digital research.
  • Accelerate research by embedding digital opportunities into resources and methodologies.
  • Grow the reach and reputation of our research digitally to enhance our global impact, engagement, and identity.

Education and the student experience

We will:

  • Develop digital education to reflect our values of excellence and quality.
  • Embed digital opportunities and skills development in our curriculum and culture.
  • Create a digital student experience that captures the unique St Andrews experience in an authentic way.

We will deliver this by

  • Supporting the development of digital solutions to drive evidence-based decision making, integrating and simplifying processes, and improving the experience of our staff and students.
  • Creating new and well supported online education models targeted at areas of demand in a way that represents value for learners, our Schools, and the University.
  • Exploring entrepreneurial opportunities we identify through digital expansion.
  • Establishing specialist support tasked with engaging with our research community to deliver transformational change through digital technologies and perspectives.
  • Establishing an inclusive role-based approach to development and training in digital skills that enables our staff and students to contribute and innovate, escalating their digital learning and skills.
  • Developing our physical estate in alignment with our digital priorities and the refreshed ICT Enabling Strategy.

Progress will be indicated by

  • Additional students and learners on high-quality digital taught programmes, attracted from more diverse backgrounds than those from which we traditionally recruit.
  • A growing number of research outputs underpinned by or integrating digital research methods and means.
  • Growth in digital skills across the staff and student community with positive impacts on careers and the ability to leverage digital capabilities that enable scale across our activities and operations.
  • Collaborations, public engagement, and impact resulting from digital events and outputs and through digital platforms.