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Credit load – full-time attendance


You will normally take 60 credits per semester. First year students usually take only 1000-level modules (where the first digit of the module code is 1). Most of these modules are worth 20 credits, so in first year you will probably take three 20-credit modules each semester.

You can take more than the normal credit load, with permission of your Adviser of studies, subject to the absolute maximum of 160 credits per academic year (enrolled, whether or not passed). You should think very carefully before taking more credits than required, since the additional work-load may adversely affect your grades.

The absolute minimum number of credits that you can take and pass in any semester is 20, to avoid your studies being placed on probation as described in the progression section. You must take a minimum of 80 credits in any academic year in order to remain registered as a full-time student, and these must be reasonably balanced across semesters. Failure to do will result in you being re-registered as part-time, which may have implications for fees, funding, council tax status etc. You cannot study on a Student visa as a part-time student.


You will normally take 60 credits per semester, plus a 60 credit dissertation, giving a total of 180 credits for the Masters programme.