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Deferral of an assessment refers to taking it after the end of the corresponding semester. The module grade is then reported at a later module board within the same academic year. Requests for deferred assessment must be made to the Director of Teaching of the relevant school in advance of, or as soon as practically possible after, the published deadline or examination date. This is not a right and permission will be granted only when the school judges that genuine and compelling grounds for deferral exist. Appropriate written evidence will be required: self-certificates alone for examinations and class tests will not be accepted.

If you submit a deferral request after the deadline or exam, without good reason for not doing so earlier, it is unlikely to be approved.

Deferral of assessments is not appropriate for minor ailments or permanent or long-term conditions that are under medical control. If you have a prolonged chronic illness or disability you should instead contact Student Services for advice in advance of the deadline or exam.

See also: Assessment Policies and Procedures (PDF, 566 KB) (page 12 onward).

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