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Resources for staff


First book publication workshop

The School hosts a regular workshop on first book publication strategies and advice on turning PhD theses into books. The cup commissioning editor, Liz Friend-Smith, spoke at our first workshop in May 2019.

The next workshop is expected to be held in Spring 2021.

Guidelines for organising inclusive and diverse seminars and conferences


The University runs a series of mentoring schemes for staff at different career stages and in different roles. 

The School also runs an informal mentoring scheme for all colleagues below grade 9, including postdoctoral researchers and professional and support staff, on an opt-out basis.

Promotion and regrading

Academic staff applying for promotion to grade 7, 8 and 9 can find details about the promotion procedure and submission documents required for Academic promotion on the HR Academic promotion web page. The School holds an annual promotions workshop, timed to coincide with the application window, and a panel of senior colleagues, including the Head of School, offers follow up individual consultation on applications.

Professional and support staff can similarly undertake a re-grading of their post, following a substantive change in role requirements, via the grading review policy and procedure.

Resources engaging with inequalities in History (as an academic discipline)

Report an incident

If you or someone you know has experienced bullying, discrimination, abuse, assault or harassment of any sort, you can report such incidents anonymously using the University’s Report and Support tool, which is aligned to institutional policies. You can also choose to use this tool to report using your contact details so a member of staff can get in touch with you to help provide support. This tool can be used by students, members of staff, members of the public or visitors to the University.