Vice-Principal (Strategy, Policy and Planning)

Responsibilities of the Vice-Principal (Strategy, Policy and Planning) include:

  • Leading on the development and shaping the implementation of the University Strategy, its communication and engagement plans;
  • Establishing organisational level performance frameworks and risks associated with the delivery of the strategic plan;
  • Developing and ensuring the coherence of processes which oversee institutional planning and associated resources, systems, and change;
  • Line management of the Planning Unit;
  • Line management of the Business Transformation Unit;
  • Leading on policy development and oversight in key areas of University business;
  • Developing and fostering external relationships with key stakeholders across government, funding council, policy-makers, sector bodies, other universities and interested parties to raise the University’s profile and impact;
  • Chairing the Town Estate Oversight Board to support the work of the Space and Asset Management Committee;
  • Supporting the development of Professional Services in Schools.

Ester Ruskuc

The current Vice-Principal (Strategy, Policy and Planning) is Ester Ruskuc.

Ester Ruskuc has been with the University since 1993 and held a number of positions from Administrative Assistant, Cash Office Manager, Financial Accounts Manager, IT Helpdesk Manager, Business Improvements Operations Manager, Director of Registry, Academic Registrar, and Director of Strategy and Policy, collaborating with many colleagues across the University.

For a number of these roles Ester was the first incumbent. In 2002 Ester led the project which implemented the first online payment system as well as the first online advising solution for the University; she also led the implementation of the Higher Education Achievement Report still being issued to every graduate.

A keen interest in understanding the bigger picture, bringing about improvements and developing others have been the motivating themes of Ester’s career. Ester was a member of the team that established the BA International Honours Degree with the College of William and Mary from Virginia, USA.

From 2016 to 2017, she Chaired the Council of the Scottish Academic Registrars and was the Chair of the Scottish Directors of Planning from 2017 to 2019. Ester also led the development of the University’s Strategy 2022-2027.

Ester holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Novi Sad, in the former Yugoslavia, and taught Computer Science and Mathematics prior to arriving in the UK.